Dimitris Sankey

Dimitri Gregory Sankey

Senior Ocularist at Vassardanis International Prosthetics 

until December 2017

REAL 3-D, P.C.M Technology Specialist

    Dimitri Gregory Sankey, Ocularist at Sankey International.  From a young age he has dedicated his life to fitting patients with the Highest Quality Ocular Prosthetics traveling both the U.S. and Europe. He is an innovative 3rd Generation Ocularist.

"This is what the men of the Sankey family do. Like my Grandfather and Father before me, I have now dedicated my life to being one of the best Ocularist in the world."


Dimitri Sankey's love of his work, dedication to his patients, and innovation in the field of Ocularistry is what has excelled him to become one of the best fabricators of artificial eyes at such a young age. He has allowed Vassardanis International to remain at the cutting edge of technology within its field. Dimitri Sankey is the founder of the REAL 3-D P.C.M. (perfect color matching) Unit. REAL 3-D P.C.M. technology, offered exclusively at Sankey, guarantees for our patients the best result possible. Our hybrid technology that combines both the digitization of the human iris with our  state of the art acrylic pigment color enhancement  painting, over a REAL 3-D component, adds enhanced depth and Perfect Color Matching.  Whether a new or returning patient, or simply someone in search of a better result we guarantee the best and most advanced Ocular Prosthetic available.

"Here at Vassardanis International we are here to help you in your journey through life with an artificial lens. I personally guarantee that I will do my best humanly possible so that,  you will leave our facility with the confidence you need  to re-enter society. This journey is always personal, always a process, and eventually allows for a promising life full of love, family, friends, and success.

This is a process that I am here to help you through. Come see us for your free Consultation and lets get started today."

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